Pastor Rhonda Olison       

Senior Pastor


Pastor Rhonda Olison is a dynamic presence in ministry. In 1989, along with her late husband of 34 years, Pastor Eugene Olison, they founded Hope of Glory Full Gospel Ministries (Chicago, IL) where she served as Co-Pastor for over 20 years. In 2011, she was installed as Senior Pastor of the ministry. The ministry’s vision is devoted to the healing and restoration of the family according to the Word of God. The sensitivity of her spirit and willingness to obey God’s voice has resulted  in deliverance-based ministry that addresses the burdens and wounds of men and women in a way that transcends denominational boundaries. Through Pastor Olison, the Lord uses Hope of Glory Full Gospel Ministries as a means to edify, strengthen, and inspire using the word of God as a foundation while addressing the needs of  both the saved and unsaved. She also travels nationally, teaching and ministering at conferences and through outreach in a realistic, yet exciting way. 


In addition to her role as senior pastor at Hope of Glory, Pastor Olison also has a very compassionate heart for women and the struggles they face in their everyday lives. Because of this burden, she founded REAL (Relevant Equipped Anointed Life) Total Women Ministries in 1993 with a sizeable part of the vision coming from her desire to help every woman break free of her past and walk into her destiny! Pastor Olison’s versatility also allows her to connect with additional demographic make-ups and age groups. In addition to REAL Total Woman, God has given Pastor Olison a heart to minister to the youth. She delivers a practical, yet tenderhearted message that empowers young people; helping them get to know both God and themselves through His Word and highlighting for them the relevance of Christianity and holy living for today’s generation She is the honored mother of five children. To date, they have all earned at least a Bachelors degree, with two of those also having completed Master’s level degree programs; one has earned a Ph.D. Pastor Olison incorporates the success of her children into the awesome testimonies of deliverance of herself and her husband—a total package that offers a message of HOPE for any person in any situation and from any background. This message of hope is the core and foundation of everything she endeavors to do for Christ.  Recognized for her “Keep It Real” and transparent delivery, this awesome example of Godly love, integrity, and virtue is an inspiration to all.   


In Fall of 2012, Pastor Olison was certified as a Chaplain for the Cook County prison and detention system in Chicago signaling the growth and extension of  her ministry to additional populations of those seeking healing and deliverance. God has continued to pour a fresh anointing upon her to deliver a powerful and sure word to all who seek to change their lives through the power of God’s word.  Through this mandate she vows to continue to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to both men and women, allowing them to know that God’s love exceeds any struggle or level of oppression; she believes the word of God liberates and brings life to every situation.